What does good health mean

What is Health? And What does Good Health Mean?


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Health is the most important asset of our existence. It is known by all but how many of us truly understand what is health? and what does good health mean? At first, let’s see acronym of Health.







Here, we find the word health is a combination of Happiness, Enlightenment, Autonomy, Learning, Transformation, and Healing. So we can understand that health is something that goes beyond to the physical body. Now come to the point what health is!

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What is health? 

Many of us do not understand the meaning of health. Most often we think, if we feel good or look good and don’t have any physical issues we are healthy. But my friends, this concept is not entirely right. Yes, just think, is it safe for us to really base our health on how we feel?

What does good health mean

What does Good health mean?

From all the definitions we can understand that, a person may be physically fit and yet be tormented with mental complexes such as worries, stress, anxiety, cravings etc. This is not good health or we can say the person is not healthy at all.

Conversely, another person may be very ill and yet be internally joyous, who is experiencing the fullness of life, peace and spiritual awareness. This person is healthier than the one mentioned earlier. Even a person who has contracted hereditary disease and works to overcome it with a positive attitude is in better health than the one without physical disease but living in discontent.

Remember, those who possess a healthy body have a better chance to achieve higher health. That is health of the mind and soul. However this is known, if a person faces an adversity and overcomes it righteously and learns how to avoid the mistakes which led them to the adversity, they are in good position to attain higher insight because they have overcome an entanglement.

Therefore, adversity, struggles in life and illness of the body cannot be automatically seen as negative developments. There are some people who struggle to overcome illnesses and has transformed them into better human beings while there are perfectly physically healthy people who commit suicide. Clearly, these people who are physically healthy but commit suicide or involved in violence and etc. cannot be considered as being in good health.[5]

And the truth is, one’s social status, wealth etc. are also not signs of health. You may heard that there are multi billionaires who contract fatal diseases and can do nothing about it through their money.

At last we can say that, health is a broad concept. To have complete health, one has to have harmony with God, harmony with oneself, harmony with the people around him and harmony with the environment especially with nature.

And I would like to remind you that; you can lose your home, you can lose your car, you can lose your job or stuff but if you have health, you can get it all back. So it is essentialto understand what is health to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Please share this writing with your friends, your family and your loved ones because people need to know these and together, we can change the community. For more information, you can read my next writing that is History of Health.

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