Dinner or diner

Dinner or Diner : When and How We Should Use The Words


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I have discussed elaborately about what is dinner in my previous content. Today’s discussion is about Dinner and Diner. I know, many of you are thinking why the same topic is going to be discussed again. If you are thinking like this, my request is to check the spelling of the two words “Dinner and Diner”. The two words are sound alike but have different meanings. After my discussion you can easily differentiate the two words.

Dinner or diner

Dinner or diner

There is a big difference between two words. So, we should know the real meaning of the two words first. As the term “dinner” is already discussed in last content and the term “diner” will be focused in the current article to find the difference between these two words.

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Meaning of Dinner

Dinner is something to eat. It refers to a large daily meal or you can say a large formal gathering at which a meal is eaten, usually in honor of a person or to commemorate a special event. In this sense it can be considered as synonym of banquet. [1]

Meaning of Diner

Diner has several meanings. First of all diner means a person who dines (eat) a meal. Secondly it means a dining car which is a place usually found on a train for the passengers to get their meals. Third and last meaning of the word is a cheap and small restaurant. [2]

Here are the examples of diner with several meanings:

  1. The diners are very happy to get a delicious meal from a nearer restaurant.
  2. The passengers of the train were waiting for their dinner at diner.
  3. I had my meal at a diner on 40th Street North.

Origin of the word Diner

It is derived from the word “dine” that means eat. Like wise a diner is a person who dines. [3]Dine is a verb, related to people’s names like (verb+er)teacher, farmer. Adding er with the verb makes the word as noun. In this case the word“diner”refers a person who eats.

Diner as a restaurant

Among three different meanings of the word the last meaning is mostly known to the people. The third meaning of the word is a small restaurant that found in the Northeastern United States and Midwest, as well as in other parts of the US, Canada and parts of Western Europe. Diner offers mostly American cuisine. It is a combination of booths served by a wait staff and a long sit-down counter with direct service, in the smallest simply by a cook. [4]

Usually you will get staples of American cuisine at diners. Diners serve usually hamburgers, French fries, club sandwiches and meat loaf. All these food are with cheaper cost. Coffee and hand blended milkshakes are also available at diner. Diner is accepted to all for its low price foods.

Usage of the two words

After the above discussion hope the meaning of the words are clear to all. If we are referring a place we should use “diner” with single N. And if we are referring a meal we should use “dinner” with double N.

Here are tricks to follow how one can memorizes the correct spelling of the two words.

  • Dinner has double N, two consonants in the middle of the word. Dinner is a meal that is similar with supper. In that supper has double P, two consonant in the middle of the word. Mostly known term is “anniversary dinner” that is related with dinner. Notice that, anniversary has double N in the middle of the word like dinner. On the hand diner has one N to spell and it refers only a place or person.
  • Another trick to remember the difference between two words is their pronunciation. When we are saying diner we need to utter the word as die or dye before pronouncing the whole word diner. When we are saying dinner we need to utter di as we do to utter the words dip, dig or dim.

The importance of knowing the spelling of the words

If anyone knows the proper meaning of the two words it will be easier for him to use the words in a sentence with its proper context. It will be difficult to deal with dinner especially who are researching about dinner professionally. An omission or addition of only one letter “N” can change the meaning and relevance of the topic completely.

Dinner or Diner : both are not interchangeable

It is very important to all especially who are involving with topic dinner professionally to keep in mind that dinner and diner are not interchangeable under any circumstances. As the meaning of the words bear complete different meaning everyone should be careful before writing the spelling of the words. We should be careful even to utter the two words in our daily life as the utterance is different from each other and the improper utterance of the words can be a hurdle to express our thinking what we want to say.

As we are dealing with the topic “dinner” I want my readers to have clear idea about the usage of the words. In my next contents other topics regarding dinner like Time of Dinner, Importance of Family Dinner and so many relevant topics will be discussed one after another. You can gather knowledge about various sides of dinner gradually from my next writings.

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