Components of Food and the Physiological Functions

Components of Food and Physiological functions of These Components

Components of food and its Physiological functions are immense. Food can be divided into 6 types on the basis of its components… Read More


Importance of Food

What Is the Importance of Food in Our Body ?

The importance of food is essential for human to live. We can keep ourselves free from diseases and can have a healthy life if we have knowledge about food and Nutrition Science. Food has a great influence on… Read More


What is food

What Is Food ? – Functions and Types

Food is the main source of nutrition. It is necessary for the growth and development of the body. Intake of right quantity of food is vital for adequate build up. Food is indispensable for all the creatures to live… Read More


Delicious Mashed Potato Recipes

20 Delicious Mashed Potato Recipes

Bengali delicious Mashed Potato recipes are the most favorite recipes to all. And if the mashed recipe is prepared with delicious and flavorful potatoes, there is no option to dislike. Mashed Potato or Alu Vorta is a baseline dish… Read More


Bitter Gourd Recipe

A Healthy Bitter Gourd Recipe with Dry Fish

From children to Adult, everyone should eat bitter gourd. Especially children and teenagers need to eat the vegetable much more. It is very beneficial for various skin problems like acne as teenagers mostly suffers from it… Read More


Bangla Recipe Wild Spinach with Dried Fish or Shutki

Bangla Recipe with Wild Spinach and Dried Fish (Shutki)

Bangla recipe with Shutki or Dried Fish curry is a very spicy and traditional dish of Bangladesh. Many people do not like shutki because of its strong aroma, but those who love shutki, consider… Read More


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