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What is the best time to eat dinner? Need Early Dinner


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Dear friends, my today’s topic is ‘what is the best time to eat dinner’. I already gave you some basic important information about dinner like what is dinner and what is the difference between two words- dinner and diner in my previous articles. And today, I am going to focus on our best time to eat dinner.

From this discussion, it will be clear to all of you; that is, which time is good for us to take dinner. You will also come to know what is the benefit of having early dinner. In this content,it is also going to be discussed that when do the people of various countries in the world take their dinner, the most important meal of the day.

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Best Time to Eat Dinner

As we are leading modern lifestyle, we have been going away from the practice of early dinner. It is not surprising for us to take our dinner after 8 pm. But which is not really good for us. Through many researches it is established that,eating dinner late at night may harm our body whereas early dinner helps us in many ways.


Why Do We Need Early Dinner

According to Ayurveda,‘Jatharagni’(strong digestive fire) is responsible for the digestion of food that we take. The strength of the fire varies according to the time of day. It is strongest during the daytime and weakest during night.

According to Northwestern University study, “people who typically sit down dinner around 10 pm. Consume 248 more calories a day than those who eat earlier.”[1]

Our body is programmed according to a 24 hour circadian rhythm. Our metabolism and hormones are programmed to do their work in the day when we are active, then store, build and recover at night, when we rest, sleep and regenerate.[2]

When we sleep, our metabolism slows down. As a result, excess food is stored as fat in our body and our body gains weight. If we eat early, our food will be digested before we go to sleep.A survey has confirmed that the best time of dinner is between 6 pm and 6.30 pm.[3]

Benefits of Early Dinner

Early dinner gives us all the benefits of food. We get numerous physical benefits if we eat early dinner. Let’s see some of the benefits.

  • Good Sleep at Night: Late dinner interferes with the sleep. Late dinner is the cause of acid reflux. Acid reflux is very discomforting that interrupts our sleep. To avoid the problem we must take our dinner early and enjoy a good sleep at night.
  • Prevention of Gaining Weight: It is established that when we sleep, our metabolism slows down. The food that we take at dinnertime, it turns into fat in the body during our sleep if we go to sleep just after taking the dinner. If we take dinner early we shall get time to take a walk and burn the excess calories that we consume.
  • Heart Health: Eating early dinner reduces the risk of heart diseases. When you eat late your tendency to eat more will increase. And when these calories are not burnt off, these are turned into triglycerides that increases the risk of heart attack and stroke as well.

Early Dinner Makes Your Time for the Next Day

If you take your dinner late and stay up late at night, you will not be able to wake up early in the morning. As a result you are going to miss your breakfast. When you do not take your meal on time, obviously you will eat more calories that will turn into fat and store in your body. On the other hand, if you take early dinner and go to the bed early you will find time for breakfast and other meals on time.

Early Dinner Provides More Energy

If you don’t miss your breakfast because of late sleep your energy level will remain high. Fromthe above discussion,we get to know that, when we should eat dinner and the benefits of having early dinner.But a question may rise how can we overcome the problems if we are not able to manage the proper time for our dinner due to our busy work schedule and other issues. Here are some solutions for you.

  • Commute Your Meals: If you are taking your dinner after 8 pm regularly you need to think further. You can swap your evening meal to lunchtime and can enjoy lighter snack in the evening. You also need to have a heavier meal during lunch time that keeps you full and satisfied for 4-5 hours.
  • Choose Lighter Menu For Dinner: If you cannot avoid late dinner regularly you need to choose lighter menu such as grilled fish with salad, barbecue chicken with salad or plain vegetable dishes for your dinner.
  • Freeze the cooked dinner: It is not possible for you to take dinner by 8 pm if your working hour is till 6.30 pm or 7 pm. In that case you can prepare soup, stir fry or baked vegetable dish and keep in the fridge as you can take it with less effort and saving your time for cooking dinner when you return home after 7pm. This strategy can help you to avoid having dinner after 8 pm.
  • Keep Frozen Foods: There are some frozen foods which are quite nutritious. Frozen salmon fillets,chicken breasts and numerous vegetables can be putted in the oven and prepare to eat within less time.

Average Dinner Time in Various countries

Though taking dinner early is really a good practice for all, everyone does not follow the rule. Dinner time varies from country to country. In fact dinnertime varies on the culture and working schedule of the people. Here is average dinner time of various countries.

  • USA: Average dinner time in USA is at 6 pm. The time is set for dinner depending on the working hour of USA as American job hour is 9 to 5 pm.
  • Britain:In Britain people takes dinner anytime between 6.30 pm and 8 pm. On Sunday the main meal is often eaten at midday instead of in the evening.

In Norway, Finland and Germany people take dinner too early. The dinner time in Norway is 4 pm. In Finland it is at 5 pm and in Germany it is at 6 to 7 pm.People of Netherlands, Ireland, Austria and Sweden take their dinner at 7 Pm. The dinner time of some countries is too late. Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are in the group of late dinner time. Spanish people take their dinner more late than other countries. The Spanish average dinner time is 10 pm. In Croatia, Portugal and Italy the dinner time is 9 pm.[4]

I want to come into the conclusion with a new hope that my readers who are in a habit of having late dinner will be aware of the bad effect of taking late dinner. Hope, you have noticed that the dinner time of maximum countries is early. My request to you all is practice early dinner and try to avoid dinner after 8 pm if you are not able to sit for your dinner between 6 and 7 pm. If you are following the practice of early dinner my effort of this writing will be successful.

We all know that, dinner is very important meal for us. So, in my next writing my focal point will be on importance of dinner. I will give you a clear idea why dinner is important to us. If you are thinking to skip dinner for slimming or weight loss, please read the next content before taking such kind of decision. This content may help you to change your decision.



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