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Hello Friends!

This is SmitaDey from Bangladesh. I am working as meal planner. I am writing the dinner recipes in our blog to help my readers to get healthier and tastier dinner recipes using my easy dinner ideas with less efforts.

I usually try varieties recipes to make the food tastier and give a new taste as I like to make experiment with recipes. I feel happy when I can make a new recipe mixing with other recipes. Interesting is that, I did not have any interest in cooking in my school life. I just loved to eat all delicious foods. I was scared of cooking as it took too long time to make any tastier food.

When I entered into college I found out that many of my friends can cook well. They used to share of recipes that they cooked. Then I felt if they can why can’t I? Still I can remember, the first day of my cooking. It was so tasteless food. I didn’t give up and tried again and again. I even didn’t know when my cooking became tastier and I became a good cook.

One thing pricked me always that it is not always possible to spend more time in the kitchen whereas we have to spend maximum time of a day at outside for our professional work.

Being a mom of two boys I started to feel that it is not worthy to give them takeaway food for their dinner or lunch. But how can I manage time for cooking of healthy and tasty recipes that will help my kids to be grown up properly. My journey started then. I wanted to cook the recipe that can be easy to cook and tasty to eat.

While I was trying these recipes for my family I started to feel that I need to something that can help other working mothers. Keeping this thinking in my mind I started to share the recipes in our blog for those who need quality dinner with less time. I hope my recipes will help you to have easy dinner ideas for you and your family.

Smita Dey Ideas and Recipes:

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Importance of dinner

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